L&F CBD Phyto-Molecular OIL
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L&F CBD Phyto-Molecular Oil is a non-greasy formula designed to optimize total hair and scalp vitality by leveraging a proprietary blend of breakthrough, plant-based cannabinoid extracts formulated to encourage both internal and external restoration of dry/damaged hair. 

  • Can be applied to wet or dry hair.
  • Won't build up or weigh hair down.
  • Will not alter color.
SIZE: 4oz/120ml

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From Hay to Hair!

I have long thick course hair. Some is wavy and some is wiry. Its all beat up from heat abuse. A few uses in of this oil and I am in love. I love the smell and the soft texture of my locks. The ONLY negative. The bottle is glass! Its an oil Leaf and Flower! My hands are so slippery and for the cost of this product, Ill be devastated if I drop and break the bottle and waste all this glorious products! Please repackage to something durable. Otherwise for someone who tries it all, this one finally had me super impressed! Love!

July 8, 2021 by Jenn

Changed my hair!

I have thick and course hair, and this stuff completely changed the texture of my hair! I can’t stop using it. It softens, brightens, and brings my 2 or 3 day hair back to life! I use it in between washes to keep it smelling amazing, while at the same time keeping it hydrated and soft. It’s my new holy grail products and I can’t recommend it enough!

May 26, 2021 by Shaina K

Everything Great!!

I have color treated hair & my hairstylist gave me this oil and it’s really helped prolong my blonde from fading yellow!! Helps my hair grow, and I feel my hairs been a lot healthier since using it. It smells amazing & shipping was faster than expected :) can’t really find any other oil for blonde hair anywhere else

April 15, 2021 by Heaven

Nothing like it...

My hairstylist used this today after a haircut. I have thick, curly, coarse and badly damaged hair. First off, the smell is AMAZING. This oil completely tamed and softened my hair. It’s as if 25 years of damage was erased with one use. I have probably had every product tried in my hair, including a Brazilian blowout. Nothing worked as well as this! This is totally out of my price range for a hair product, but I will purchase this asap.

July 23, 2020 by Mandy

After bleaching my roots several times to get a platinum white , my scalp usually feels tight and tender, but after using the Leaf & Flower CBD Phyto-Molecular Oil immediately following, my scalp felt healthy. I wasn’t tender and it made my hair shine and look better than any treatment I’ve ever gotten!!! Love it!

July 23, 2019 by Tyler


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